Monel 450 nickel round bar, Monel 450 bar, Monel 450 hex bar, Monel 450 plate, Monel 450 pipe

Monel 450 or Alloy 450, houses a 70-30 combination of copper and nickel, respectively. This variant of the Monel alloy family comes with superior weldability. The alloy possesses fair resistance to bio-fouling or corrosion in the seawater. With this alloy, you also get access to high fatigue strength along with optimum thermal conductivity. The Monel 450 is used excessively for the creation of condenser plates, seawater condensers, evaporator tubes, distiller tubes, saltwater piping, as well as tubes for heat exchange.

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Yield Strength (Minimum) Tensile Strength (Minimum) Elongation (Minimum)
KSI MPA KSI MPA Percentage
24 165 56 385 46
Nickel (%) Copper (%) Iron (%) Manganese (%) Sulfur (%) Zinc (%) Lead (%) Phosphorous (%)
29.0 to 33.0 Balance 0.4 to 1.0 1.0 Max 0.020 Max 1.0 Max 0.05 Max 0.020 Max
1-Monel 400: Backed by excellent resistance to corrosion and high-strength, this nickel-copper alloy is the most popular among all Monel alloys. 2-Monel 401: It is a copper-nickel based alloy which is designed for specialized electronic applications. Plus, the Monel 401 alloy houses a low coefficient in terms of temperature resistance. 3-Monel R-405: This free-machining variant of the Alloy 400 houses controlled sulfur that acts as an efficient chip breaker while machining. 4-Monel K-500: This alloy made from nickel and copper is precipitation-hardened. It also comes with low permeability, which isn’t magnetic when kept under -150oF.▪ Seawater Condensers ▪ Distiller Tubes ▪ Condenser Plates ▪ Evaporator Tubes ▪ Heat Exchanger ▪ Piping for Salt Water
Density Thermal Conductivity Melting Range Electrical Resistivity
G/CM3 W/M.K °C °F µΩ·m
8.91 29.4 1170 to 1240 2140 to 2260 412

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